Advertising with FUND$AVER is a great opportunity for Local Businesses to showcase New products, Services, Drive traffic and most importantly showing your community that you are a part of it!

Why Advertise with FUND$AVER?

FUND$AVER reaches Albertans across the province, and it is a very cost effective way.

Market Size

With covering 5 of the provinces main cities, you will reach a large and diverse demographic. By bringing in New Exciting Customers, you will be building your customer base, and seeing extra visits throughout the year, that you might not have. FUND$AVER projects the following sales for each region.





Red Deer


Southern Alberta


FUND$AVER Features

  • Easy to use Website/Mobile App
  • Geo-location (Senses where you are)
  • Printable Coupons
  • Shareable Coupons (Email or Text to Family & Friends)
  • Gifting (You can purchase as many books as you want & Gift them to Family & Friends)
  • Trackable Coupons
  • Very Convenient, “Touch free”
  • Projected to sell 100,000 or more online coupon books
  • Radio Ads promoting the online coupon books
  • Editable Anytime (Fee may apply)
  • Design Included
  • 100% Locally Owned
  • Reach up to 500,000 Albertans
  • Coupons (Most) expire August 31 of each year
  • Social Media exposure
  • Never forget your Coupons (Always on your Phone)

Online Ad Layout Examples

Coupon Pop Up

Coupon layout

Our team of designers will handle this for you.

Ad in Newsletter

Email ad layout

Our team of designers will handle this for you.

Business Listing Page

Your business page layout

Our team of designers will handle this for you.

Proven, Trackable & Successful!


Tangible Proof

Advertising success, you can see with a call-to-action, such a unique way to bring customers to you! There is no other form of advertising that is so intertwined with local businesses, schools & numerous other organizations & fundraising groups, which stretch across Alberta.

60% of the $25 stays in your community, to offset the cost of School programs, Supplies, Field trips, and so much more.

For the first time everything will happen in the palm of your hands, with the web/app & printable/shareable coupon version, making it safe, and Touch-Free.

Simply purchase the app & printable coupons, from the FUND$AVER web/app, & Start $aving Immediately!



Let our fast, hi-tech PWA(Progressive Web App) showcase your local business to thousands of Albertans for only $349!


The Upside

By participating in this Fundraising program, your local business will be perceived as a community minded business, helping kids raise much-needed dollars, to achieve their Fundraising goals.