FundRaiser with FUND$AVER

FUND$AVER makes Fundraising so easy, by using our easy, touch-free PWA App (Progressive Web App) with Printable/Shareable Coupons, you can easily reach your fundraising goals.

FundRaiser With FUND$AVER

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How it Works


Contact US

Simply Contact Us to become a Fundraiser, FUND$AVER will get you started.


Campaign Kickoff

FUND$AVER will supply you with Posters, Letters, an Email & Social Media templates, to send out to all of your Family & Friends. We will also give You a unique code for all of Your Family & Friends to buy, so that you get credit for all of Your sales.


Wrap Up

Once all of Your Fundraising is done, simply contact us, FUND$AVER will total up your group sales, and E-transfer you.