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No, currently this is not an available option.

The price for two coupons is $349.

For every $349 purchase, you will receive two coupons.

Simply contact us at FUNDS@FUNDSAVER.CA.

Simply email FUNDS@FUNDSAVER.CA and sign up, to be a part of the next fundraising year..

Simply email FUNDS@FUNDSAVER.CA & say you are done, and FUNDSAVER will calculate how many apps you sold, and mail you a check or E transfer.

Not to worry, all design is taken care of!

The Mobile App starts selling September 1st, as soon as the kids return to school

You can buy a book right here from the web page.

You can pick any School or Organization that is closest to you from a list on the web page.

Simply email us at

Please watch this small video to understand how to add the APP to your iPhone.

Mobile App

No, there is no need to. Our APP handles multiple locations within the APP so you may have all our digital coupon books within one APP.

First decide on the coupon you wish to redeem, then click redeem once you are at the business show your phone screen, or print off a coupon from home/office and take it in, it’s that easy! You will be given a confirmation code and it will also be date stamped for the day that you redeemed it.

Go to the top right hand corner of the page/app, and there you will find your name in green.  Click there and everything you may do with your account appears. Your ability to change your password is in your dashboard.

Typically August 31 of each year, but some advertisers have coupons that expire earlier and some that go past August 31. The app will not expire.

Yes you can, move around the province and save!

Yes you can, either print off a physical coupon on the webpage, or email/text your coupon to friends & family (you have seven days to use, from the time you print, text/email it).

Please watch this small video to understand how to add the APP to your iPhone.

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